Home preparation and staging for a faster property sale in the Gosport, Fareham and Portsmouth areas


1.Have a good clear-out.

Work systematically through your home, one room at a time – if it’s been stored away & not used for more than a year then, do you really need it?
Organise stuff to go, for example;

For sale – you will be surprised what people will buy through sites like Gumtree or if you have time, get everything together for a car boot sale; children’s clothes & toys sell particularly well.
Friends & family – send out a general message asking if anyone needs/wants items. Don’t forget to be ruthless about furniture that clutters space and has no real purpose; occasional/side tables are often surplus to requirement and take up space.
Charity shop – anything that has not been sold can go to your favoured charity if it is clean & in reasonable condition.
Re- cycle centre – that old broken picture frame is someone else’s project!

Next - look critically at how much you have out on display; those little neglected bits that have always been there. They mean something to you but take up space & make a room look cluttered or too personalised. You want buyers to see the potential for them, not your favourite collections. Organise packing up into labelled boxes, ready to move to your new home. Large plastic boxes are cheap and will protect against the elements if you are going to use the loft, garage or shed to temporarily store.

2. Take care of repairs
What you have put up with & got used to seeing will stick out like a sore thumb – missing handles, broken light switches, chipped tiles, broken curtain rails, etc. just scream unloved! Get a handyman in to do a job lot, if you can’t do it yourself.

3. Deep clean and freshen up paintwork
Carpets & upholstery should be professionally cleaned. Freshen up paintwork if it hasn’t been done for a while. Hallways are very prone to looking tired and dingy! Consider changing carpets if they don’t clean well.

4. Optimise space & light
Look critically at window treatments, furniture layout, light sources. Do you have too much furniture? The answer is almost always yes. Think about storing that additional arm chair, book shelf, corner unit etc. Make sure each room is defined clearly – if it is a bedroom it should have a bed in it. If rooms don’t get much natural light change bulbs for much brighter ones and invest in additional lighting if needed. Does the room decor make the most of natural light? Is it going to appeal to the target market?

5. Think about the kerb appeal
When you approach your property, is there anything you could do to improve the way it looks; chop down those overgrown bushes, paint the front door, hide the bins, put up a hanging basket.

First impressions really do count! For professional advice contact Prep My House Limited 01329 248747 info@prepmyhouse.co.uk www.prepmyhouse.co.uk