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Not making the most of the spare bedroom when you put your house on the market could be a costly mistake. Don’t assume that potential buyers are able to envisage the use for a small spare bedroom that you are currently using for storage etc. Convert that unloved space into an attractive guest room which gives an instant wow, despite the limited size.

The following simple fixes are based on tried and tested schemes developed for small bedrooms and assume there is space for at least a single bed.

Walls & ceiling; stick to shades of white or monochromatic schemes based on neutral colours, using very slight changes in tint or shade on skirting, architrave & window sills.

Use a very large simple style mirror placed on the wall adjoining the window wall, at the same bottom or top level of the window and same distance from the corner of the room, to reflect lots of natural light into the room. It can also give the illusion of another window. Paint the mirror frame the same colour as the wall.

On the opposite wall use a large painting or poster of a seascape or countryside vista with a distant horizon, creating depth and faraway dreaminess.

Floors; take back to bare boards if they run from the door opening rather than across. Prepare and paint off-white or a light tint of the colour used on the walls and ceiling. Alternatively use light wood effect flooring. Use a large (big enough to extend beyond the bed) pale flatweave rug which has similar colours to the walls, to make the bedroom feel cosy. Do not use smaller rugs which draw the eye in and make a space look cluttered. Avoid carpets, especially dark or patterned. You are trying to achieve a clean, fresh look. Increasingly problems with allergies mean that more and more people are not using any carpeting in their homes, so opting for less carpet will attract a wider potential market.

Windows; make the most of natural light, use cotton based sheers hung from a piece of polished copper pipe as close to the ceiling as you dare go and extending beyond the window frame, so that you are not obscuring any of the window. A small recessed blackout blind can be installed for sleeping if needed.

Furniture; use a minimalist bed structure with attractive pull out storage baskets/themed boxes underneath. Avoid solid all in one beds with large bulky headboards, which overwhelm a small bedroom. Use simple furniture which is practical, for example stools which tuck under shelving units. Shelving built floor to ceiling, gives a visual journey up. Consider changing opening doors to sliding ones to give more space. Shelving box units above door frames and built around beds can also work well, if designed properly.

If you have a bed against a wall, use cushions and throws in pale pastels to show that the bed can be used as a reading area.

Lighting; a mix of ambient lighting, for example LED’s in the shelving or in coving, a simple small pendant or even just a bare light bulb in the centre of the room makes a statement which can all be used on overcast viewing days.

And lastly make sure the estate agent describes the room as the ‘guest bedroom’, which means it’s okay if it is a little on the small side!
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