Home preparation and staging for a faster property sale in the Gosport, Fareham and Portsmouth areas


Open House days are promoted by some agents as a good way to market property and sell quickly. Providing this is managed carefully by the agent there are advantages; for example, your potential buyers feel less intimidated about looking around your property as an Open House Day (in reality normally only four hours, 10:00 am – 14:00) makes your property more of a commodity and less of a personal space.

As the vendor, you can prepare your property so it’s looking its very best, by concentrating on staging your property for that open day. If you really want to give potential buyers that ‘must have’ feeling, then get some advice about the current appeal levels of your property and how optimising space and light can make a huge difference. Concentrated staging greatly increases the level of appeal.

You get what you pay for, so use a proper estate agent! Let your agent get on with it – the last thing a potential buyer needs, is you directing them around ‘your’ space. A good reputable estate agent will know how to present your properties unique selling points. They will go to the trouble of chatting to open day viewers and finding out enough about them, to match those USP’s directly to the potential buyer’s needs. Your agent should agree that viewings on an Open House day should be booked in through them, this will avoid, to some extent people turning up who are time wasters and provide added security.

As the vendor. not being present avoids getting caught up in direct exchanges with pushy potential buyers about the asking price. If you are not used to negotiating face to face, you might be bullied into an unplanned compromise. It also means that you don’t have to put up with hearing all the reasons people don’t want the property.

Check when you are researching agents to use, that managing Open House days is included in the service – cheaper online agents will add a considerable amount for this service, as they do for viewings etc. Also check that your agent promotes and manages Open House etiquette with viewers, for example; not allowing viewers to touch your belongings, sit on furniture, open cupboards etc.

Make sure you have got a realistic valuation for your property, selling quickly through Open House day marketing might indicate that the property was undervalued and that if you had waited and marketed by accepting targeted viewings, you may have achieved a better offer. The other concern is that Open House viewings tend to encourage a bit of competitiveness between viewers and people may submit offers which they are not in a position realistically to follow up, for example because they have not yet applied for a mortgage, whereas the more traditional approach through a face to face estate agent, acts as a vetting process, identifying buyers who are in a good position to proceed.

If you are considering using the Open House method of marketing your home, talk to us at Prep My House about our one day staging service, to help you get your property looking its best.
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