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I have been giving some thought to feedback given to me by estate agents I spoke to recently. My question was ‘what do you do when you have to value a property that needs sorting out to make it appealing’. There was a consensus that it can be an awkward and challenging conversation, in terms of being candid enough with the vendor to make them understand the consequences of not being able to take great marketing images.

A lot of agents also pointed out that vendors could be in complete denial about the market readiness of their property.

When deciding which estate agent to use, noticing which have old listings or ‘reduced on.’ is a negative factor.

So, what do you do - dingy nets, too much clutter and that nasty niff as soon as you walk in –
Well you could carry on as normal, pointing out all the best features, giving your prospective vendors a valuation and a ‘to do’ list which you hope won’t offend them, but you know it probably will. “There is so much they want me to do, she said I had to take up my lovely rugs – what a cheek!”
They may not get back to you, as in the recent case of a neighbour I was chatting to, who had taken a personal hit to her ego because she had been given a rather long ‘to do’ list, which I actually thought was helpful!

There is another approach which I found out some agents employ when the property needs a bit more than the attention of a ‘to do’ list. This approach I think works, because it’s about cold hard money.
In this candid approach, agents explain to the vendor that they have two valuations, they give the first valuation based on direct but unspoken observations, considering that without proper preparation, the property will not attract the right level of viewings.

They then give the second valuation based on their visualisation of how the property could look, explaining that this is based on the property being optimised for sale. At this point they say no more, until the prospective vendor asks what they mean.
Once invited, they explain how crucial it is to be able to take good images. I love this approach, mainly because I’m hoping it will get www.prepmyhouse.co.uk more work! I also think it represents excellent customer service.

So, what objections are typically put forward against using professional preparation and staging by vendors?
  • They want the property on the market straight away; this doesn’t make sense at all – if the property is prepared properly, which typically only takes a week, it will sell more quickly than if it wasn’t prepared.
  • They don’t want to spend money on preparing; again, this doesn’t make sense. Property values make preparation and staging worth it – not to mention the reduced time the property will be on the market.
A typical three-bedroom property valued at £340,000 could lose £10,000 or 3% of its potential value if not presented well, as well as spending longer on the market.
The cost of (serious) preparation and staging, averages out at £500 per room; de-cluttering, deep cleaning, decorating, minor repairs, replacing window dressings, light and space optimisation etc. To coin a phrase - it’s a no brainer!

You can instruct Prep My House on behalf of your vendor, then a deposit is collected and the balance paid when the property is sold. Conditions apply.
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Written by Lucille Coates BaEd(Hons), PGCET