Home preparation and staging for a faster property sale in the Gosport, Fareham and Portsmouth areas


It’s a strange thing that when we are thinking about putting our homes on the market, we expect to sell our property faster than other people and get the full market value or even more because of for example, an extra room that has been added. On the flip side when we are looking for our new home we expect the vendor to negotiate and reduce the price.

So, which mindset should we really be in?

Well if you are going to ‘sell’ anything you must know your market and make your product (home) appealing to that market.

Ask yourself these questions before you start to think about the way your property could appeal to a larger market.
  • The value of similar properties – even with your extra internal features, vendors will compare your property (notice we are no longer referring to it as a ‘home’) with other properties in the area with the same frontage, footprint etc.
  • The demographics in your immediate area – so for example you may be, recently retired, moving as part of a retirement plan. Your neighbours have children at home, there are schools nearby and good transport links for working people. Does your property appeal to this market or does it reflect your preferences for a home? So, put away the collection of fine porcelain and turn that fish pond into a safer feature.

In addition to acknowledging the market being targeted, we do need to think about personal taste. Let me ask you a question?
When you visit friends, do you always love what they have done with their décor? But they love it and are proud to show it off, so why don’t you like it?

So, let’s look at what reflects individual taste.
  • Feature wall paper; wall coverings with small refined patterns are not the problem, it’s the statement ‘Marmite’ paper – not everyone will love large pink Flamingos.
  • Non-neutral colour schemes; your child loves pink, their bedroom is decorated in different shades of pink. You love monochrome; your interior is mainly black, white and shades of grey/silver – it looks very stylish, but not very warm or homely and doesn’t always photograph well. Striking the right balance can be difficult and you might need some guidance in terms of getting the right neutral colours for the room style and the type/direction of natural light it gets. If you stick with your non-neutral schemes, you are only going to appeal to those with the same tastes.
  • Collections & ‘stuff’; regardless of how creatively you have displayed that interesting collection – it says a lot about YOU. Strong statements about the character of the owner can subconsciously alienate prospective buyers. ‘these people are not like me – this is not the home for me’ (notice we are using the term ‘home’- they are looking for a potential home for them. The same applies to large displays of family photos. Don’t go too far as to make your property look sterile, a couple of discreet photos are fine.
Top tip - start packing when you decide to put your property on the market; pack away the media/music collections, collections, ornaments unless they set off a space, spare bedding, clothes that you don’t wear often. In fact, anything cluttering up your rooms and making them less inviting.

So, think about it, are you selling ‘your’ home or a property?
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