Home preparation and staging for a faster property sale in the Gosport, Fareham and Portsmouth areas


​​​​​​​Unlocking the true value of your property


​​​​​Potential buyers will decide in the first few minutes if your property is for them. /contact-us for cost effective solutions to maximise the appeal of your property to the widest market; from redefining rooms and neutralising decor to optimising light and space.

Viewing the property from a buyers' perspective, Prep My House are qualified interior designers specialising in providing all you need to get your property looking its best for those important estate agent images, within your budget and timeframe.

Save time and money - /contact-us today. A typical three-bedroom property valued at £340,000 could be devalued by £10,000 more, if not presented well and spend a long time on the market, slowing down your plans and causing frustration. The investment in preparation and/or staging, for example; de-cluttering, deep cleaning, decorating, minor repairs, replacing window dressings, light and space optimisation, saves time and money. Contact us today to organise the /Next-Steps visit so that we can provide a no obligation preparation and/or staging quote.

Property preparation

If you are putting your property on the market but don't have the time or resources to style your house to get it looking its best, our services are very flexible and designed to meet your individual needs. Preparation services typically include;

  • decluttering
  • waste disposal
  • flexible & secure local storage facility
  • deep cleaning
  • carpet cleaning
  • decorating
  • minor repairs
  • replace broken fixtures & fittings
  • garden tidy

Staging your property to increase viewings

This service is suitable for property that is in good decorative order, but needs to attract the widest market. Prep My House will look at your property from a buyers’ perspective; are the rooms welcoming – open, make the most of natural light, have a clearly defined use, balanced décor, easy to visualise future potential etc. These things all impact on the quality of the images your estate agent can take and of course ultimately, on you achieving lots of viewings and a quick sale.

Staging can include;

  • changing room decoration. Preparing property for a quick sale
  • changing window treatments and lighting
  • removing and/or repositioning furniture
  • removing & storing excessive amounts of personal items
  • placing rented furniture when staging empty property
  • dressing rooms with soft furnishings, footstools, headboards, plants, fresh flowers
  • re-upholstering furniture
  • professional photos of your property highlighting the unique selling points

Has your property been on the market for a while?
There are lots of reasons why property fails to get the number of viewings needed to generate a sale. Prep My House will look at each room from the perspective of a potential buyer.

When you put your property on the market it stops being your home - and becomes the potential home for someone else. Someone who may have different lifestyle needs and almost always, have tastes in décor that are very individual and do not match yours.

A Prep My House detailed photo survey, will highlight cost effective solutions to maximise the appeal of your property to the widest market; from redefining rooms and neutralising decor to optimising light and space.

Following our survey, you can decide to carry out the recommendations or instruct us to project manage your property staging. Most staging projects for large properties take less than a week. We will then instruct our specialist property photographer take new images of your ready to sell property.

Property staging is being increasingly recognised as a positive way to market property, particularly larger four/five bedrooms plus, which have a reduced share of potential buyers, so must compete with other properties of similar size.

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