Home preparation and staging for a faster property sale in the Gosport, Fareham and Portsmouth areas



Preparing your property for sale or rent

Call 01329 248747 or email info@prepmyhouse.co.uk to arrange for an assessment visit to determine how Prep My House can prepare your property for sale or rent. All we need to know at this stage, in addition to your contact details, is whether you have had a valuation and when you want to put your property on the market.

  1. We will agree a suitable time with you; appointments are available up until 7pm Monday to Friday and 5pm on Saturdays. We will send a reminder the day before your assessment appointment, just in case you need to re-arrange the appointment.
  2. Our assessment involves looking objectively at your property, taking pictures (with your permission) and making notes. This should not take any longer than 45 - 60 mins.
  3. We will send you a quote based on the assessment visit which details what needs to be done and the cost.
  4. If you decide to go ahead with all or some of the recommendations, we will prepare a contract with terms and conditions, detailing the work to be completed, the agreed cost and the start & estimated completion dates.
  5. We will then collect a deposit of 50% together with a copy of the signed contract detailing what you would like us to do to get your property ready for sale.

We are fully insured (Public Liabilty and Professional Indemnity) and only use experienced and/or certified contractors for joinery, electrical, plumbing and gas reconnection work.

Staging property to maximise viewings and sell more quickly

Is ideal for larger properties that find it harder to compete. Staging maximises the appeal of the property to a wider audience. Call 01329 248747 or email info@prepmyhouse.co.uk to arrange for us to carry out a survey which will determine how your property can be staged to maximise viewings and sell more quickly at the market value or often more. The survey can take up to two hours for five/six bedroom properties and costs between £180.00- £230.00 depending on the size of the property. Within five working days of the survey, you will receive a detailed photo report with our recommendations and costs for staging your property.

Other staging options

One day quick staging without a survey is ideal for smaller properties that are in good decorative order but could look significantly more appealing in estate agent photos with quick staging, for example, furniture layout changes, decluttering etc. The aim is to always make your rooms look spacious and inviting. Quick staging does not include decorating. Quick staging is done with you present - we recommend and implement changes to maximise space and light, as we go through the propery and help organise and pack away. We can also arrange for secure local storage while your property is on the market. Call us today on 01329 248747 for a chat about your property and what you would like us to help with.

One day staging for empty unfurnished properties – estate agents know that listing a property that is empty can be challenging, in terms of getting interest for viewings from the online images. Prep My House will dress each room with quality rental furniture and accessories so that your estate agent can take those important photos and create the right level of interest in your property. Long term rental can also be arranged to maximise viewing impact.

Preparing property left to you is never easy. We will work sensitively with you to get the property ready for market; from arranging for storage of items that are important to you, to house clearance, recycling to charity, deep cleaning, garden tidying and decorating if needed. ensuring a quick house sale at the full market value

Why bother with home staging? Getting a property market ready, so that it looks its best and appeals to a wider number of potential buyers can add an average of 3% to its value, often considerably more depending on how badly the property needs home staging for market. For a property worth £450,000, that is £13,500. So, the question is, can you afford not to home stage your property to achieve a quick house sale at the full market value?

Our service guarantee

We work closely with you to make sure that what we have agreed in the contract is carried out and quality checked. Associated
problems identified after the completion will be dealt with promptly; please refer to our terms and conditions, a copy of which is given to customers when contracts are being agreed.
We are fully covered by Liability and indemnity insurance
We only used experienced and certified, where appropriate (gas, electric and plumbing) contractors